Target Problems Early With Interceptive Orthodontics!

What is Interceptive Orthodontics?

Interceptive orthodontics means that we treat poor tooth positioning when a child’s jaw, teeth, and other oral structures are just developing. We use a variety of modern techniques and devices to guide the permanent teeth so they will come in straight and healthy or to improve the way the jaw is growing.

Targeting problems before they happen

In the past, children with bite problems could count on getting a full set of shiny braces after all their permanent teeth had come in; and perhaps wearing the braces into their late teens, too. Today, however, interceptive orthodontic treatment may begin as early as preschool.

Why the change? As general dentistry has become more preventive oriented, so has orthodontia. The key to early orthodontic treatment is interception... correcting little problems before they become big problems.

Interception is the Key to great orthodontic treatment

They key to getting the best orthodontic results is early interception!

Young children respond very well to interceptive orthodontics because it:

  • is gentler and more comfortable for young patients
  • retains permanent teeth in efforts to correct the bite
  • helps children speak better and eat properly
  • improves balance in facial form
  • prevents potentially serious gum problems
  • reduces the time a child spends in braces; children are often free of braces before they enter high school.

Our role in interceptive orthodontics is to carefully monitor and evaluate your child at every visit. We look for potential bite problems and disturbances in the growth of the jaw. And at the first sign of trouble, we will start your child in an orthodontic treatment program.

Interceptive orthodontics is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s future dental health!

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