An Outstanding Approach to Children's Ortho

River Edge Orthodontics has an outstanding approach to children's dentistry that truly sets us apart from other practices. We not only pride ourselves in making children's experiences a truly fun adventure, but in having the staff and expertise that allows us to treat all of our patients needs whether they are young, teens, or adults with special dental needs. Since we are part of a multi-specialty practice, your child will smoothly make the transition from children's dental care to adult dental care.

Children love coming here!

Look Forward to Great Service

Children actually look forward to visiting River Edge Orthodontics. There are many reasons why you and your child will find us a special place for your child's dental care. Parents and their children can expect:

Our rooms are very comfortable

Spacious and private treatment rooms where children see their orthodontist at every visit

All of our treatment rooms have personal televisions!

Individual televisions in all of the treatment rooms

Great service from our orthodontist

Personalized service and regular reviewing of patients' progress

Check out our game room!

All types of toys and games including LEGOs®, coloring/reading books, puppets and more!

Not only are our game areas and rooms fun, they are also the first place that children will visit during their visits. One of our friendly staff members will accompany the parent and their children to the game room and proceed to ask medical history information. Our doctors may even feel comfortable speaking with our patients in the comfort of our game room. Siblings can even enjoy the game areas while they are waiting.

When we are ready for the child go into a treatment room, they will be given a remote control and access to a television to watch their favorite show on cable television. We encourage the children to feel comfortable while they are being treated. They may also take a puppet with them into the treatment room.

To reward their great behavior, children may receive an animal balloon, glove balloon, or are shown a magic trick. Every child will take a prize home with them from our special treasure chest.

After their visit, children will receive comprehensive dental care from our dentists, hygienists, orthodontist and other specialists. We have a large selection of educational video materials for parents and guardians to watch, as well as brochures for children's dental needs.

We even have special visitors!

Special guests love visiting our office to see children smile!